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We Are Not Alone

Last week we had a precious and impassioned millennial come to our door. She was representing a non-profit environmental project in CA focused on eliminating styrofoam. Don and I immediately were drawn to her authenticity [...]

My Love of Showers

I take a lot of showers. I could be categorized as Obsessive Compulsive around my desire to clean myself frequently. But these showers are not your normal water showers. These are actually energetic showers or [...]

My Buddha Dentist

Just back from a visit with my Buddha Dentist. I call him this because i usually become more relaxed as he cleans and checks my teeth. He is compassionate, caring, calm and competent. [...]

The Wave

 How can I best serve the earth and humanity at this time? How can I be and feel purposeful? I find many asking these questions as we look around our world and become aware of [...]