It is helpful when the call to act is LOUD and CLEAR.
At times in my life it has not been. It has come in whispers,

through dreams, or perhaps just a sense of knowing that over time I have learned to trust and follow. This time the call came in crystal clear and strong. Our election in the U.S. was the catalyst.

For some, the results of the election were akin to a collective heart cessation and then a defibrillation. A total stopping of the normal known reality and a reset to an unknown and unfathomable one. To others, it felt like a victory and perhaps even a message to the rest of the country about deep seeded frustration, anger and feelings of disenfranchisement.

For me it was a temporary shock and then a strong sense that the call to bring more Love and Compassion was part of the solution. When I felt into the country’s psyche and the fear playing out on a national stage, I was struck by the image of a scared child who felt neglected and unloved and desperately seeking care, support and love. Most of us would not get upset and judge a scared child acting out of fear. We would listen to them, soothe, and try to understand and offer hope and perhaps a new understanding or perspective. This archetype of the wounded child became apparent on both sides of the political divide.

When I peel back the layers to understand the energetic and emotional roots of discrimination of any kind, such as racism, misogny, xenophobia, or homophobia it is always rooted in deep fear (of the other), and insecurity. Most humans can relate to these 2 difficult emotions. And when they go unchecked, we know fear and insecurity can wreak all kinds of havoc in our life.  Many of us have experienced the creation of chaos borne from actions based in fear. This shared human experience helps me move into more compassion. I have been there. I have known great fear and paralyzing insecurity.

I also know that the journey out of self doubt and fear is one step at a time. And the solution is often surrounding yourself with that which embraces you and allows you to feel safe and comfortable. We usually move towards where we feel accepted, seen, valued and loved. And from being held in a place of love, we can slowly remember who we really are and our gifts and value. From this place of alignment with our True Self, it then becomes natural to move away from scarcity, fear, and judgement of others.

Awakening to our True Nature simultaneously opens us to an expanded perception of a shared planetary home and human family. Unity consciousness is part of our nature and encoded within our Divine Blueprint. It can get clouded over, but is always there living within the fabric of our being.

So knowing this, if I can hold compassion and a space for all, I can begin to create a new “field” of possibility. And if I join up with many others doing this, together we create an even stronger resonant field of pure potentiality at the highest level.  Love is an incredibly powerful force of energy and frequency that ultimately is the strongest magnetic pull on the earth for humans. We may think the ultimate goal is still fame, wealth, or success, but those are usually temporary material and emotional substitutes for Love and the longing to be valued and seen.

Throughout this election process, I have been reminded that any feelings of frustration, judgement, and anger that I may be reacting from are actually about me, not others. I choose my experience and response to every moment. And in this way, I am never a victim to anyone or anything. I am the creator of my reality and my experience regardless of what others, including even a significant portion of the population of my home country, may be choosing. When I align with this knowing, I am free and able to direct my energy, focus and thoughts toward that which creates a new reality that I hold dearly for the Earth and Humanity.

If we choose, we can use this pivotal time in both our nations and planets history to choose love repeatedly. To examine what emotions have been catalyzed in us and embrace them. Welcome them.  Rage, anger, resentment, fear…Let it all come up and be examined. It is very likely that these intense emotions were already there somewhere, buried deep in the tissues and the bones. Their emergence is a gift and carries information about you and possibly your past. It may be the galvanizing energy you need to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to others in new ways.   It may be the opportunity for deep healing of old wounds ready to be fully transformed as you catapult yourself in to a new state of being.

Ultimately, to be of the greatest service to the planet and humanity, it is helpful to allow all judgement and anger to move through you and be released. We are at our most powerful and happiest when we are free of all reaction to others and can harness our pure genius, energy, love, compassion and vision to focus on creating the reality that we want for ourselves, family and our country.

As we shift our focus  towards envisioning a new system of governance and leadership that truly holds the well-being and highest good of all as the foundation, we  become empowered and emboldened.  We dream and envision how this will unfold, and recognize emerging leaders who are already voices for an integrous system truly aligned and created in and with Truth , Love, Compassion, and Oneness. We experience how powerful our energy and focus is and as we gather with others holding similar visions and desire, we feel the manifestation happening at a quantum level. A new Universal Consciousness of Government has been seeded and is available for anyone to access, attune, and with that, begin to recognize their own unique role.

The seismic wake up call of the election activated many on deep internal levels to their unique and vital roles in shaping and creating a New Reality and a New Earth.

Lets fully embrace what is before us and awakening within us. Let’s come together with our shared vision and desire for the beautiful world we know we can create.

It is time.

And we have everything we need
already inside of us.