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 Have you ever had the sense when you were vacationing that there
were other, less obvious reasons, why you found yourself on a
particular trip and with certain people? Or, why you needed to
live in a certain area for a period of time? Perhaps some of the
reasons may not have felt logical, but somehow the new locale and
situation allowed you new experiences of life and yourself.

Along with the call for adventure, and the desire to gather
with friends and family, there may be other powerful factors operating
from our larger consciousness as to why we create a certain trip or living
situation. We may be unaware of these deeper reasons, but in exploring and
consciously opening to them, we can bring an expansive, and deeply purposeful meaning to our vacation and life. This experience can include a powerful new awareness of Self which catalyzes profound shifts and awakening.

To create this new experience of traveling, it is helpful to have plenty of time and space for yourself. This spaciousness allows you to move out of distractions and be present for what may be showing up for you. You can utilize this golden opportunity to take an internal journey on your external vacation.

Here are 4 specific opportunities for soul expansion as you travel or focus on a specific area. Included are suggestions for how to utilize the freshness of the situation to experience more of your True Self outside of the norms and patterns of your everyday life.


Most of us have been somewhere on the planet where we experienced a strange deja vu. Places where we felt instant familiarity or immediately felt nervous and on guard. Often this occurs because we have walked into an energetic field that highlights and activates our cellular patterning that is unresolved from a past life. A powerful and effective way to cleanse a life that is hanging out in our consciousness and perhaps limiting us, is to trigger it organically through traveling to the specific location of the previous life.

The key here is to recognize what is unfolding for you when you feel
unexplainable emotions and perhaps even flashes of another time.
Consciously understanding you are catalyzing cellular memory, allows for it to be erased and transformed through your focus and intent. Usually it will be a life that is showing up because it is replaying in your present life in a limiting way. It may also be an awareness of human experiences you have recorded in your consciousness that may be empowering for you to remember. Ultimately, the memory is “wanting” to be exposed, healed if needed, and integrated.

In becoming conscious of this cellular memory activation, you can
feel/see into what is being revealed and ask to cleanse all the
limiting programming from that past life. Notice where geographically
the memory is most triggered and take the time in that spot to cleanse
it. Ask to integrate the past/parallel life with your present one to
allow for the fullness of You and Truth of You to be more accessible.

You can do this with deep breathing, creating a Sacred Space of only
your own pure Essence and Source, and asking to be guided by your spirit
guides and Source. Set the intention to release any of the programming from
the past life that no longer serves you and to integrate that “aspect” of you.
If it feels overwhelming, seek out a healer who works on this level to assist
you in this multi-dimensional experience.


In certain areas of the planet where there has been tremendous, ongoing pain and suffering, some of the lower human frequencies have been absorbed by and held in the land. These energetic pockets can also be held in the collective consciousness of the people living in the specific area. At times, and depending on your sensitivity and purpose, you may become aware that you are “taking on” some of these dense energies through your physicality and/or energetic field.

An example of this is a friend of mine who traveled to Russia for vacation
a few years ago. Her trip entailed a lot of walking tours of different cities
throughout Russia. A few weeks in, she developed incredible pain in her knees. The pain became so intense, it was difficult for her to even walk after awhile.

She contacted an Energy Medicine practitioner friend who saw that she had
absorbed into her body the pain and suffering that was lodged in the Earth itself. The history of war and death had created intense frequencies of fear, sadness, grief and despair which were still very strongly embedded in the land of the areas where she had been walking.

Once she became aware of this fact, she was able to move it out of her
knees, with the healers help, and ask to no longer absorb any of it into
her body. Instead, she transformed it by setting a new program to be a conduit of pure Source Love to heal the earth and transmute the suffering through her physical presence.

If you notice you tend to also “absorb” the negative energy of land or
collective humanity, you can set the following very powerful

I am now intending and choosing to ONLY assist humanity and the planet through the pure Source energies I transmit and radiate from my Being, Body and Energy Field. I am letting go of any belief that I need to allow my body or energy field to be used to transmute the energies for those I love, work with, for humanity or for the planet.

This is the NEW type of healing that is possible on the planet now. We can offer tremendous healing and transformation simply through our presence and intention. Of course, we can also offer our wisdom, energetic facilitation, and touch, but in a way that allows us to remain fully clear, clean and sovereign in our own energies and body.

Understanding that all of these different energies can be powerfully activated
in the earth and collective, can help you understand and work with feelings
and experiences that may arise as you travel. Ultimately, it allows you an opportunity to “work” globally in healing the planet and anchoring a new consciousness of Love, Truth and Beauty everywhere you go while remaining in a state of well-being in your body and experience.


It can be easier to become aware of our habits, patterns of thought
and behavior when we are out of our normal life and routine. We are
able to more easily notice where we limit ourselves in our thoughts and

Here is a wonderful exercise to try out when you are on a trip and
have some time to yourself. This can also be experienced in your every
day life with your conscious intent and focus.

Set the intention to notice your thoughts (or verbalizations), that are
based on limiting human filters, projections or limiting beliefs that you
hold about yourself, others and life. Ask to become aware of these specific thoughts in the way that will most grab your attention. I ask for the volume to be turned up in my head around these thoughts so I don’t miss them.

Pay attention to any thoughts that may be projections of others or yourself
and not coming from your True Self. For example: You are on a plane or
hanging out at a pool and there is a screaming, loud child or an angry man.
Perhaps this triggers anger in you or judgement and you notice it. Stop.
Take a deep breath and ask to notice what your human “filter” says to you.
It may say: “what terrible parents that they do not discipline their child”,
or “who does he think he is”…

Perhaps your filter is more about projections of what others think of you. For
example, a fear that another is finding fault or inadequacy in you for your
action/inaction, expression or appearance.

Ask to change these thoughts to your NATURAL and TRUE state of Being which will have no judgement or doubt. Focus and breathe in the center of your Heart with this deep intention. Each time you catch the thought, envision a point behind your heart center. This energetic point is called a “zero point” and is a powerful vortex (see image below). It is a point of transfer between the finite human understanding and the infinite nature of the Universe. We are all walking around with these immensely powerful energy centers that can dissolve all mis-alignment and return the energy instantly to our Essence.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.30.27 AM

(image courtesy of ZeroUniversal.com)

Imagine that the entire thought is moving into this vortex and instantly
dissolving. The mis-aligned thought does not move into your body, rather completely transmutes in the energetic vortex. And this zero point immediately returns it to Truth, which is your pure Divine Essence. Keep playing with it and dissolving the thoughts and projections until you can feel a place of neutrality, peace and/or love around the situation, person or yourself.

You can use your trip as an opportunity to take yourself to “Essence School”.
Have fun with it. Notice when you feel like pure YOU in your thought and actions and when you don’t. Keep bringing the mis-aligned thoughts into your Heart for transformation and return to your Divine Nature.

If you would like help and support with this exercise, you can download the guided meditation on my website (see link below). With this meditation, you will have support holding the energy and guidance to practice working with your Heart’s Zero Point.

“Returning To Your Pure Essence” Meditation:



We are all connected to this beautiful planet in one way or another.
Discovering your unique connection, allows you to assist and support
Her (Earth) in powerful and fascinating ways. She is a being, awakening along-side the rest of us and needs us to be in collaboration with her. We have an incredible opportunity now to partner with a planet and humanity for healing, transformation and even a global upgrade on all levels.

Awakening to your own personal connection with the Earth can occur through a state of quiet openness and exploration. Take quiet time on your next trip or in your own back yard to sit with the planet in meditation. This can include sitting on grass or sand and intending to simply breathe with Her. Ask Her to help you remember all that you are and your mutual connection.

For years I would lay on a blanket on grass, quiet my mind and intend
to sync up with Earth and Her breath. Eventually this opened up into feeling
and hearing Her, until we could converse about how she was doing, what
she needed and how i could help. This type of relationship and communication is possible for everyone.

If you would like, in your own quiet communion with the Earth, ask to feel
how your energy is interacting with Her and the land and sea around you.
How is it connected and what is your energy doing? For example, in my last
vacation I discovered in meditation that I was working in/with the Pacific
Ocean assisting the sealife which was struggling due to all the toxins
in the water.

We are all doing FAR more than we may have any concept. We are energetic
beings of Spirit temporarily housed in a physical body and our energy
is very specific and focused here for a reason. Particularly at this
powerful junction of Time and Space on this planet, we are all very
much on purpose in our incarnation here, way beyond just our 3D, material reality.

As you ask and open to your global earth work, you activate
more of your own awakening. You gain a greater sense of why you are on the planet and what your larger work is here.

If you would like more support activating your remembrance of your
unique relationship with the planet, you can download the guided
meditation on my website (see link below), which will walk you through tuning into this relationship from a clear, meditative and connected place.

“Experiencing Your Relationship With The Earth” Meditation:


As we each awaken more to living from our Essence and consciously
partnering with the planet, we bring a hugely powerful presence and
light to our World. And one by one we are igniting a new way and
experience of Life that is aligned with Love and Truth and our
Oneness with the entire Universe.

We are each the Change and the New Earth. Living Within Us.
Birthing It Through Us.

And hopefully…

Enjoying the Journey.