Last week we had a precious and impassioned millennial come to our door. She was representing a non-profit environmental project in CA focused on eliminating styrofoam. Don and I immediately were drawn to her authenticity and warmth, and relaxed into chatting with this amazing Being who stumbled on our doorstep.

She was in school at UC Santa Cruz and volunteered on the side to go door to door hoping to raise awareness and money for different issues connected to the environment. She was deeply worried about the health of the Planet and wanted to do anything she could to help. She also expressed feeling that things with Earth were dire but she was not going to let that get to her. We fell in love with her and were happy to support her cause.

In feeling some of her deep concern with the overwhelming issues facing the planet, I felt compelled to share with this young, pure and worried soul that she/we and Earth, were not alone. The massive undertaking of saving/renewing a planet and raising the consciousness of the human species was a massive TEAM effort that went far, far beyond just those in human form.

There was immediate relief in her face. Some part of her felt the truth of it and she took a deep breath at the thought that there was wider help and support available to us.( The remembrance in our cellular memory that we are part of a coherent, intricately and intimately connected benevolent Solar System , Galaxy and Universe, teeming with an amazing diversity of Life is encoded within us. )

I often notice that many, from a deeply compassionate and worried place, feel that it is up to them to save the planet or the government or the country or the forests or the oceans. And as many of us know, often there is fear and great worry, frustration and hopelessness with the enormity of the task.

However i feel the fear is rooted in missing information on this planet. Vital information.

And that is that “We Are Not Alone”

It is not all up to us to figure it all out and fix, by ourselves, what can feel from a human perspective to be a gigantic, falling apart, mess down here on Planet Earth.

From a more expanded Universal perspective, we are surrounded by a massive cadre of Beings in non-physical form who are working WITH US on all aspects of Earthly life. Some focused on the pollution of the oceans, the dwindling forests, the shifting axis, the rising tides, the seismic activities, the chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere and much more . And simultaneously many working side by side with us with to raise the collective consciousness of humanity to a more evolved understanding.

These beings in spirit form each have specific jobs and have come to work with us , in partnership to support the renewal and upgrade of a planet and a species. It is a massive undertaking and needs all hands on deck, some incarnated in a body and some not.

Once I began to remember this and experience this multi-dimensional divineTEAM at work on all aspects of Life here, it was impossible to stay in fear or despair about issues . I would shift my focus and ask, what is being done about such and such issue…i.e. nuclear weapon capability or impending war, or extreme climate shifts, unbalanced government leaders and decisions, or corrupt systems, and in time answers would come. I would say “show me the bigger picture” or give me hints of it…and if i paid attention, it would always come in.

And i began to remember that there is a much larger Divine Plan at work here. I intended to align with this Divine Plan and see how i might fit in it. To remember my unique role, no matter how simple or small it might feel .

And i began to understand and see how the breakdown of so much around me is exactly what is needed…

We all can open to these higher knowings and understandings if we want.
Ask, open, trust and see what comes in!