Articles for the Soul and
the Expansion of Consciousness

The themes of these writings are varied and address areas in life that are Universal to the human experience. The energy and content of the writing is guided through meditation and my own personal experiences of awakening and integrating higher consciousness into everyday life.

The intention is that these articles may offer helpful insight and energies into living life with greater ease and joy, bringing your full, embodied Authentic Self into all aspects of your life.

A recording of many of the articles is available as many felt they were better able to feel and integrate the energy and information of the articles through listening rather than reading.

Enjoy !

We Are Not Alone

Last week we had a precious and impassioned millennial come to our door. She was representing a non-profit environmental project in CA focused on eliminating styrofoam. Don and I immediately were drawn to her authenticity [...]

My Love of Showers

I take a lot of showers. I could be categorized as Obsessive Compulsive around my desire to clean myself frequently. But these showers are not your normal water showers. These are actually energetic showers or [...]