What if it was possible to completely “revise” a painful,
or traumatizing event, situation, or even childhood memory
so that it “lives” in you in a completely new,
life-affirming way?

Imagine choosing a new reality that
allows you to live in the present moment experiencing yourself
and your life’s journey with compassion, love, and a sense
of empowerment regardless of ANY past experiences .

Shifting our Mental and Emotional Construct into Neutral

The exciting thing is we DO have this ability to remove
and release our lower emotions around a situation,
event, or relationship, and recreate it. As we consciously
ask to release our “reaction” to a situation, the entire
emotional and mental construct of the event can move
into “neutral” in our consciousness. And eventually,
it can even lead us into an expanded understanding of
ourselves. As we let go of the old emotions and beliefs no
longer serving us, we more easily access and remember our
true Divine Self.

This does not mean we are trying to fool ourselves into
believing something did not happen. We are, rather,
choosing to experience it in a new way that allows us
to feel light and free, no longer living with emotional and
debilitating “ghosts” from the past.

So How do You Become a Revisionist of Your Own History?

1. Go to a defining moment or situation in your life that
you know has shifted your beliefs about yourself and life
in limiting ways.

2. Ask yourself, how do i feel (not think) about this situation/
person/event? What does it bring up in me?

3. NAME the emotion: anger, sadness, grief, jealousy, rage,
discomfort, confusion, hurt etc.

4. Go through each feeling and ask and intend to release the
specific feeling from your entire body, mind, conscious and
sub-conscious mind.

5. Verbally intend to replace it with the emotion you MOST
want to feel around it now such as peace, well-being, ease,
self-trust, forgiveness, or respect. Your intention may also
include opening more to your Divine Self and deepening your
connection with Divine Creator/God/Source.

6. Go through each emotion, releasing each one and bringing
in the new “program” over and over. Take long slow deep breaths
with each release and new intention. Breathe as you release,
and breathe in the new, life-giving intention and energies.

7. Finish with a sweeping new intention (prayer) of how you
want the entire situation to live in you from this moment
forward. Even if it feels very far-fetched, say it anyway
and allow the vibration of the words to move into your

Notice how you feel as you say the new program. If you
begin to feel lighter, happier, and more free, you
will know that you are already creating an entirely new
program and imprint of a situation that is rippling
throughout your consciousness. It is a multi-dimensional
process that often unfolds gradually. Let it integrate.
Reinforce it every day. Carry your new intention with you.
Tape it to your computer. Put it in your wallet. Sing it.

In time, (and sometimes instantly), you will “move” into this new program and live from it. You may even feel that this focus and transformation of the past was actually a tremendous gift that catalyzed powerful soul searching and the remembrance of how to consciously create your experience of life.

Our Natural Blueprint of Happiness, Health and Well-Being

Your body, cells and entire consciousness are listening.
And they WANT to move into resonance, coherence and
harmony as it is their natural state of being. You are
just assisting your entire body, mind and consciousness
to sync up with your natural blueprint of happiness,
health and well-being.

The beauty is you are in charge in every moment of
how you feel and experience absolutely everything
in your life AND from your past.

You are in charge.
Grab the wheel.
Recreate and Create
the Present that
frees you to Love
all of you and savor
every moment of

In Love & Spirit, Lisa

(For further support in releasing old patterns/beliefs
and moving into more of your full Divine Self & Purpose,