Creating A New Earth: Team Gathering

October 19-20, 2019
Santa Cruz, CA


Join us as we gather in the Spirit of Love, Unity and Celebration of each of us, our unique gifts and presence and our growing awareness of a magnificent New Reality we are co-creating right now.

Our last gathering was remarkable (and so much fun!) and catalyzed powerful reverberations through many of us personally, as well as for the New Earth,  Milky Way and out to the Universe .

It feels important and timely to connect up again together and continue deepening our connections,
love, trust and appreciation for and with each other, ourselves and Creator. And to do so in the New Earth way of expansion through joy, sharing and great Love.

  • This Gathering is designed as a full weekend offering. You can chose to attend Saturday only or the entire weekend.
    If possible, I strongly suggest participating the entire weekend to allow yourself to remain immersed in the powerful group Source energies.
  • The “Program” is the template that came in as potentially most helpful and needed at this time. We will, as usual, dance with it all allowing for what is most needed in the moment. 
  • Brunch will be offered both days at 11:00Am to start off our day with fabulous, nourishing, vibrant food.
  • There will be an energy exchange fee for this gathering but please reach out if you need
    a sliding scale for your budget. We will find an exchange that is comfortable for you.


Saturday October 19  – 11:00-5:00pm

11:00– Vegetarian/Vegan Brunch

12:00 Opening Circle

Welcome & Deepening into Heart & Essence- Lisa & Gordon

Meditation with Music from Source- Wendy

Soul Articulation Exercise -Mary Ruth

New Earth Art Gallery Sharing-Sahar, Terri & Carolyn

Source-Infused Original Songs- Mary

& Dance, Singing, Ping Pong, Connecting, Beach Walks…

Sunday October 20  – 11:00-3:00

11:00: Gordon’s Omelet/French Toast Brunch Extraordinaire

Group Check-In & Sharing

Original Poetry: Behnaz, Lisa

Duets with Mary and Don (and sing along)

& Dancing, Ping Pong, Connecting, Beach Walks…

October 19-20, 2019

Where: 274 13th Ave, Santa Cruz


Belle Notte Inn – Small, family run Inn with nicely furnished rooms- 2 blocks from our house offers 15% off anyone attending this Gathering.  Give them my name to receive discount.

Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos offers oceanfront condos 25 minutes from our house. They could be shared with 2-4 people for greater affordability .

There are many other accommodations throughout Santa Cruz , Capitola and Aptos.


I will send an email to those flying in so you can coordinate on car pooling together or anything else.


For those that are in town Friday Oct. 18, we will meet for dinner at a local restaurant to start the festivities.

Please email me:, or text me: 650-336-4178  for help planning or with any questions.

And lastly, please know that even if you are not specifically on the Program sharing, your unique Presence and Being is profoundly needed and valued .

Love to All, Lisa