Lisa offers powerful and deeply profound group events that are comprised of discussion, teachings, guided meditation, live and recorded music, and movement. Each group experience is held in a beautiful sacred space both physically and energetically, and facilitated with great love, guided by Creator Source Consciousness.

The intention of each event is:

  • To foster a deepening of connection to One’s True Self and its full expression through a multitude of guided, aligned experiences and openings
  • To facilitate the awakening to one’s larger Source consciousness, and with it, the reason for incarnating on Earth at this time
  • To activate the Divine Creator’s LOVE and PRESENCE within each participant so that they may deeply feel the Divine living and breathing within each cell of their body
  • To support the Universal alignment physically and energetically to the New Earth Grid and consciousness, and with it, the New Reality available now on the Planet
  • To create a sacred, safe container that allows for tremendous personal transformation, awakening, connection and with it


Previous Events:

Living in the Heart – November 18, 2018

Breath and Oneness Yoga Studio, Capitola, CA

Embodied You – March 11th 2018

Breath and Oneness Yoga Studio, Capitola, CA

Pacific Cultural Center/Santa Cruz, CA

“Falling Into Love”
“Embodying Your Divine Blueprint”
“Designing Your Divine Toolbox”

Center For Heart Inspired Living/Point Richmond, CA

“Embracing Infinity”
“Superfood For a New You”
“Creating From Being-ness”

PeaceBank Yoga/Redwood City, CA

“Return of the Light”
“Aligning with the Universe for Flow, Abundance & Joy”
“Awakening to Love”
“Living From Your Authentic Self”
“Embracing Happiness”
“Deepening Into Your Divinity”

Villa Maria Del Mar Retreat Center/Santa Cruz

“Opening to Your Personal Relationship with God”

Private Home/Los Altos,CA

“Activating Your Divine Blueprint of Awakening”
“Moving from Worry to Trust in Parenting”

Fees vary for group events.

Please email Lisa to discuss co-creating a group event in your home or other venue.