Living in the Heart 

November 18, 2018   1:00-4:00pm

Event details

Lisa offers powerful and deeply profound group events that are comprised of discussion, teachings, guided meditation, live and recorded music, and movement. Each group experience is held in a beautiful sacred space both physically and energetically, and facilitated with great love, guided by Creator Source Consciousness.

The intention of each event is:

  • To foster a deepening of connection to One’s True Self and its full expression through a multitude of guided, aligned experiences and openings
  • To facilitate the awakening to one’s larger Source consciousness, and with it, the reason for incarnating on Earth at this time
  • To activate the Divine Creator’s LOVE and PRESENCE within each participant so that they may deeply feel the Divine living and breathing within each cell of their body
  • To support the Universal alignment physically and energetically to the New Earth Grid and consciousness, and with it, the New Reality available now on the Planet
  • To create a sacred, safe container that allows for tremendous personal transformation, awakening, connection and with it


Previous Events:

Embodied You – March 11th 2018

Breath and Oneness Yoga Studio, Capitola, CA

Pacific Cultural Center/Santa Cruz, CA

“Falling Into Love”
“Embodying Your Divine Blueprint”
“Designing Your Divine Toolbox”

Center For Heart Inspired Living/Point Richmond, CA

“Embracing Infinity”
“Superfood For a New You”
“Creating From Being-ness”

PeaceBank Yoga/Redwood City, CA

“Return of the Light”
“Aligning with the Universe for Flow, Abundance & Joy”
“Awakening to Love”
“Living From Your Authentic Self”
“Embracing Happiness”
“Deepening Into Your Divinity”

Villa Maria Del Mar Retreat Center/Santa Cruz

“Opening to Your Personal Relationship with God”

Private Home/Los Altos,CA

“Activating Your Divine Blueprint of Awakening”
“Moving from Worry to Trust in Parenting”

Fees vary for group events.

Please email Lisa to discuss co-creating a group event in your home or other venue.