Your Spiritual Toolbox

I am a firm believer in having a spiritual toolbox at your fingertips for those times you are in need of extra support in aligning  to your authentic, healthy, thriving and harmonious Self.  I find having just the right guided meditation, musical piece, song, intention, video, or talk can make all the difference.

It is also helpful to have your own team,  be it, healers,
teachers, astrologers, musicians and of course, wonderful friends.  

Here are some of my favorites and their powerful offerings (tools!):

Wendy Von Oech

Exquisite guided meditations and deeply soulful poetry and writings!

My dear friend Wendy’s guided meditations are my go -to when I need some extra support. I have her meditations on my phone and my desktop for easy access. Often 5 minutes is enough to shift me quickly into my clear alignment with Source.  Many of the meditations are integrated with beautiful Music from Source .

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Omnium Universe

Immense website of my friend and mentor, Caroline Cory.

I highly recommend her extraordinary classes and meditations to expand your consciousness and quantumly catalyze your awakening.

Her classes offer in-depth understandings (and experiences) of the map and structuring and creation of the Universe, remembering your own soul lineage, learning to heal yourself and others energetically and much more.

She also has created 3 amazing, gorgeous movies on our Superhuman abilities (we all have!), experiencing yourself as the Universe ,  and ET/UFO MUCH greater understanding…Check them out on

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Intuitive Healing Touch

My Beloved, Don Nathe, offers deeply relaxing and healing Cranial Sacral Therapy enhanced by the exquisite energies that flow through him direct from Source.

His loving hands and energies quickly calm the nervous system, quiet the mind and allow the body to fully access its ever-present inherent health.

Experience healing at the cellular level  as you are held in an energetic field of profound stillness.

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Soul Healing Studio

A Sanctuary for Healing & Spiritual Transformation.

This is a wonderful portal of my friends, Behnaz Shahidi, Mary Gospe and Margie Suozzo, offering in-person meditation classes,  energy healing and spiritual coaching.

They also are gifted writers and musicians with offerings available under their Creative Expressions.

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Zero Universal

Stunning website from my friend, Gordon Lent (co-created with Martin Lafond).

Offering Music of the Infinite with all original compositions of Gordon Lent and Frits Evelein.

Play this amazing music to quiet, expand, heal, relax, or sleep.

This music is transcendent, Aligning, Expansive, and Healing…

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Music from Source

Very powerful  music created in meditative state of alignment with Source by the amazing Frits Evelein.

Frits masterfully brings Universal Consciousness into Sound with specific intentions for consciousness expansion and healing.

I use this music in group events to help participants move out of their mind and into their heart and Spirit Self quickly and effortlessly.

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Mary Gospe

Heart-opening, loving, fun, and Spiritually-Infused original songs and music by my friend, Mary Gospe.

Mary’s angelic voice and energies move directly into your heart as you feel held, safe and empowered. Or you want to dance!

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