Lisa Young

From a young age, I had a longing to find and permanently live in the Presence and the Love of God. Some part of me knew it was possible and this knowing set me on a life long quest. Simultaneously, I had a deep inner pull to discover and live from my free, authentic True Self. The ultimate discovery was that these two soul yearnings were profoundly interconnected.


Relaxing… Deep Breathing… Mind Quieting… Cleansing

Connecting to your Heart, your Divine Essence & Source

Remembering and Awakening to your Magnificence

Private Sessions

Awaken – Embody – Enjoy

“Come Home to You”

We are magnificent beings who are already whole and powerful.
At times it is helpful to have support remembering and aligning with our true Divine Nature.

The Visitor’s EarthGuide

“After working with hundreds of clients over the years in my private practice of energetic and consciousness work, I realized that many people strongly feel they are not from Earth. The human life experience seemed foreign and confusing to them and they did not feel they fit here.

This realization of how strange this planet is experienced, helped me realize that such a planet as this that is chaotic and “under construction,” needs a navigation manual for newcomers. And from my experience, even for those that are indigenous Earthlings, a refresher of how to create a life of peace, well-being, love and purpose on this planet might be helpful.”

(Intro from the “The Visitors EarthGuide”)


Experiences of Joyfully Awakening and Embodying Our Divinity




Writings to support and catalyze your awakening
and integration of higher knowing into all aspects of life

“We are ALL Masters-in-training. We are ALL GOD,
awakening with our unique experience, voice, creations and life.”
(Article: Meeting All of Life with Love)