Shortly after catching a snippet of the State of the Union address in February 2019, I found myself musing that what we really needed as a nation, and perhaps even a species, was a State Of The Earth Address. I wondered how Earth, as a conscious evolving Being, felt she was faring in these chaotic times. It seemed it might be immensely helpful to check in with the consciousness of the planetary being that ultimately supports and determines our survival. How was she feeling? What did she have to say? I was curious.
I had gleaned somewhat a sense of her condition from recent energetic healing sessions with clients where I would see (energetically with my 3rd eye), images and feelings of Earth that pertained to the focus of the session. While in a guided meditation, Earth would appear with certain clients who had a strong connection and tended to work with her. These particular clients would be working on such areas as clearing collective dense energies lodged in the planets core or anchoring specific Universal and Galactic energies into the planet. Or they would be holding her in great Love and care.
In one particular Skype session in Jan. of 2019 with a lovely client from Baltimore, MD, Earth appeared quite differently than my previous experiences with her. She showed up in front of me illuminated in pinks and purples and pale greens. She was vividly alive, clear, fresh and looking like an entirely new planet. I did see 2 small brown areas on her that I immediately knew were tumors. However, I also intuitively knew they were shrinking as the rest of her body shimmered in so much Light and high frequency.  The image was brief but stunning.
This beholding of what I can only call a New Earth sparked the initial curiosity in me with what the Earth herself would have to say about her present condition. Prompted by the the idea of a State of the Earth Address, I decided to connect with her in the way that I communicate with non-physical beings. After meditating, quieting my mind and bringing myself into oneness with Source and the Universe, I intended to merge with her consciousness.  I quickly felt us become one and began to hear and experience her as if she were a person in the room with me.
I was surprised with how delighted she was to be speaking with me again. In early 2007 I would frequently lay on the grass near my condo in Annapolis MD. In time I learned if I was very quiet I could begin to hear her and feel her breathing.   I was mainly there to breathe with her and ultimately help her breathe.  I probably filled up 2 journals logging our conversations, mainly of her struggle and needs.  However, outside of her showing up with clients in sessions, I had not felt moved to directly tune in and commune with her like this in years.  It felt like a homecoming. My heart melted and I teared up feeling our love for each other.
During our exchange, she showed me an image of another planet right next to her that was almost translucent and breathtakingly beautiful. The light was similar in color to what I had seen earlier in my MD Clients session -flowing pinks, purples and peach- that wove around this planet’s curves. There was also a clear purity to this being.
I was confused and asked her if this was her twin because in many ways it felt like her. She said, “it is me. It is my New Self who is ready for the next chapter.” She told me she is becoming this version of her self, her larger expanded Self, and is very excited about it. I saw how both versions of her were existing multi-dimensionally and simultaneously,  and we, as her inhabitants, had the extraordinary ability to choose on which to reside.
Similar to my reaction earlier in the year with my client when the spectacular vision of Earth had appeared, I was blown away. However this was even a stronger feeling because not only could I see her new form clearly, I could feel and hear her new empowered voice and energy. She was radically different from the Being I had communicated with in Annapolis years earlier.
In those communiques in 2007 Earth had felt to me as a young, frightened and very sick young girl who was on life support. She now spoke like a 19 year old young woman coming in to her own strong sense of self and with it, power. She felt and looked much healthier than I would have ever imagined given all that was going on with her due to the extreme climate change, and the ongoing negligence and abuse by some of her inhabitants.
There was a marked shift from a very strong victim story with humanity and their toxicity, to a place of self empowerment. She was choosing this new light and way of Being as her reality regardless of humanity’s choices and she knew she had the Universe supporting her decision. She had decided to embolden herself to utilize free will to take care of herself and powerfully evolve. Scenes of recent flooding, an erupting volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii and earthquakes in Chili flashed across my mind.
I had the sense of a seismic turn in the cosmic divine tides. A shift that I had known in my bones was coming occurred. As I felt it resonate throughout my cells, a parallel shift happened in me. Her empowered transformation had informed my own movement and embrace into a more powerful sovereign state of Being. I sensed this was true or going to be true for many of us.
Earth continued her sharing with me thrilled to have my full attention. “I am here now not just to stay, but to let others throughout the Universe see what is possible with and through Love,  commitment and collaboration; a coming together of so many Beings to assist me and all of us into this new Future State of Being. We are already beginning to see and feel the stirring within us.  The change is happening and I feel that I am at the forefront of this monumental shift and am so proud.”

As this revelatory conversation and energies integrated through me, I released any of my remaining worry about the State of the Earth. She, of course, still needed as many of us as possible to awaken and with it, treat her as we would a beloved family member. See her as the living, sensing, conscious, loving sentient Being she is.


I could relax into trust that as more of humanity was awakening partly through the urgency of global crisis and climate change, there was a much larger Cosmic Plan for Earth and humanity unfolding.  Earth’s powerful new mode of Being had moved her into a new alignment with herself, the Galaxy and the Universe. This new alignment  was supporting and pushing us all forward, if we allowed it,  into a New Earth and with it New Reality.