Lisa Young

Lisa is a Soul Activator accelerating
the awakening and the expression
of one’s Divine Essence and a
Visionary of the New Earth


Lisa’s deep soul longing to truly feel and experience the Love of God, set her on a search from a young age. This quest led her to numerous spiritual books and teachers including experiences with Catholicism, Hinduism, Sufism, Buddhism, Shamanism, and Chanting. Each experience was purposeful and offered new insights and expansion.

Yet there still was an underlying sense of separation and discontent within herself.  It was only through years of receiving healing and studying Energy Medicine (Incan Energy Medicine, Reiki, EFT, Theta Healing, Healing Touch, Omnium Technique), that she was able to release layers of old, limiting programming and beliefs. This powerful energetic healing work allowed her to feel more empowered and at peace within herself. In time, learning to fully connect with Source/Creator, and release the dense patterns of inadequacy, unworthiness and separation, opened her to remember and powerfully live in the knowing of her own Divinity.

My body and every cell in it is breathing, pulsing Divinity.

I am One with the Divine Creator and all of Life.

This deep re-connection with God/Source, opened me up to much greater
understanding and experience of my own True Self. I became able to discern and express
my own unique expression of the Source.

These powerful experiences have blossomed into a love and passion to support others in awakening to their own Divinity and Oneness with Source/Creator. Lisa’s greatest joy is to guide and facilitate individuals and groups in their personal experience of remembering, expressing and falling in love with their True Self.

It is from this place of experiencing our Authentic Self and our intimate relationship with God that everything becomes possible. Through this Divine Communion within ourselves, we heal and transform our mind and body, find deep lasting peace, discover our unique voice and gifts, and create the life that our heart and soul desires.

Lisa has an Energetic Healing Practice offering private sessions in person and remotely around the globe since 2006.

She has facilitated small groups around the San Francisco Bay Area in teaching, meditation, and embodied Divinity since 2011,

and is now offering powerful live events that are open to the public a few times a year.