I take a lot of showers. I could be categorized as Obsessive Compulsive around my desire to clean myself frequently. But these showers are not your normal water showers. These are actually energetic showers or what I like to call Source Showers. Some might say, God Showers or Light Showers. These are taken when I feel a little off-center or out of balance. Or, when I feel I have absorbed someone’s anger or depression and taken it on as mine. For example if I meet with a friend who is very upset, I may notice when I leave them that i  now feel their anxiousness.  I become aware that I did not feel that way before meeting them. It is their emotion.

We  are all picking up on each others emotions and thoughts constantly.  I find it becomes so helpful and freeing to discern if it is mine or someone else’s and have a way to release all that is not mine. 

I have trained myself that whenever I feel these emotions or energies that don’t feel good, I jump in the energetic shower. Just like when you come back from a workout or a hike and you feel sweaty and grimy and cant wait to get clean, this is how I feel when i have energies on me that are cluttering my energy field and making me feel kind of grungy.

I have learned that if I take the time, usually just 5 or 10 minutes,  for an energetic shower, I can return to feeling very clean and with it comfortable and at peace in myself again. I have grown addicted to these. My thought is why not feel good as frequently as I can.  It allows me to show up as my best and authentic self with others and for myself.

Part of my compulsion to cleanse often also relates to the fact that I believe we are here to enjoy life and feel truly good with and in ourselves. I don’t subscribe to the theory that we as humans need contrast, and with it I mean pain and suffering, in order to grow.  I think it is true that huge life challenges can catalyze great personal growth , and I have grown a lot though all my contrast in life.  But i don’t think it is the only way or even necessarily the most powerful way to grow or learn as well as appreciate the beauty in life. I feel we can evolve now both individually and as a species without sharp and often painful contrast. We can become our more evolved Selves simply living in the truth, alignment and center of our true self or intending to do so. We can create a practice of living in more gratitude for each moment, seeing the beauty in everyday life such as relishing a delicious meal or a deep, rich conversation. Or through a connection with a beloved friend,  we can become aware of an area within ourselves that is wanting to stretch or change or perhaps drop off some old thinking.  We can get to where our evolution becomes a very natural, easy,  effortless and adventurous experience.

I don’t judge the deeply ingrained Earthly beliefs of growth through struggle. And that which does not kill us makes us stronger… I have just learned in my own experience that it is one way to evolve and there are other ways as well.  I tend to lean in to the ways that help me expand and learn through joy, awe and a sense of well-being.

If you want to try your own Source Shower,  I have a few guided meditations on my website that do the trick.  Go to Guided Meditations and scroll down to: “Connecting to Source” & the “Violet Source Light Morning Meditation”.