(Audio reading for you…if you prefer to listen, relax and open)

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you
are really here on the earth?
Why did you come in as male instead of a female,
or a female instead of a male? And out of all the possibilities,
why did you find your way to a particular family?

Is it all random, or luck, or worse,
bad luck that you had no control over?
Or, is it part of a much larger brilliant Divine Design
that YOU were a part of creating.?

This is a fascinating and pivotal question
for me because the answer can be life changing.

One answer can keep you locked in a place of fear
and powerless-ness because something outside of
you seems to have control over so much of you and your life.
You can only hope or pray for good things to happen….

The other answer hands you LIFE
and like a loving, trusting parent helps you
CREATE your LIFE as you want and need it
to be with support and guidance.
It trusts that you know what you most need.

Imagine being an Architect for your Soul’s journey
before your birth and co- designing your life
with Divine assistance. You strategically place certain events,
opportunities and people on your path allowing you
the best possibility of moving into your
unique Soul Growth and Purpose .

The shift of one’s perspective (and belief) from
randomness, victimization or a limited definition
of Divinity/ God that chooses everything for you,
to one of being a co-creator and partner of your life
with God, is shape shifting and profound.

IF YOU are co-creating every aspect of your life ,
and always have, from before your birth,
you are empowered. You are a creator of your reality.
And with this understanding, life can become
more knowable, flexible and align WITH you.
Nothing is “done to you”. Nothing is by chance.
And all is possible.

Through expanding into the understanding that YOU
have the ability to change patterns, and limiting beliefs,
you can create new perceptions and new reality for yourself.
Places where you felt a victim, guilty, inadequate and
unworthy can shift into freedom and empowerment
over time as you take charge of your mind and thoughts.

The first step is opening to this understanding and
belief that YOU have this ability and power.
The second step is opening to the tools and support
that resonate for you. Finding a style of meditation,
even if it is 5 minutes a day can begin to quiet an
overly busy, distracting mind.


Discovering music, chants, guided meditations,
spiritual books, that speak to your Soul and uplift
you are key. Finding healing modalities and counseling,
that assist you in soul excavation to discover and shift
roots of limiting beliefs, debilitating family and ancestral patterns,
can bring you an entirely new experience of your life,
health and well being.

ASK the Universe and Creator to bring you
support and assistance, and stay open to the way
it shows up for you. The book, person, healer,coach,
counselor, inspired idea may drop right in your lap :).

I just read a very moving example of
creating your reality and your experience in
the face of what is often viewed as a terrible,
tragic event. A former high school classmate of mine,
Susan Spencer-Wendell , wrote a N.Y.Times bestseller
book after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease
or ALS, for which western medicine has no cure yet.

“Until I Say Goodbye : My Year of Living with Joy”
is her poignant story of her last year after deciding
that she was going to perceive her illness, and remaining
time on the earth through a lens of gratitude and joy
for each moment she had left.


In her “final, wonderful year”, as she called it, she took trips
she had always wanted to take with dear loved ones.
She typed her book on her iPad, and then as she lost ability
to use her hands except for a thumb, she typed the remainder
of her memoir with her right thumb on her iPhone.

I loved her story and her courage to share
it because it is such a powerful example of
how our perception, intention and thoughts can
change our experience of our life regardless of the situation.
And in doing so, impact and inspire countless others around us.


We are all FREE to discover, learn, grow
or not in every moment.
It is all just LEARNING and LOVE…
and more LEARNING and LOVE…
no judgement. just opportunity again and again. to learn.
grow. love. open. more.

Until we return to knowing that
We are LOVE.
We are Co-Creators
of our lives in partnership with a benevolent, all loving
God and Universe and
together are
life and reality on this

Lets make it a Magnificent Reality.

In Love & Oneness,