What would life be like if you could
choose between two completely different
experiences of reality in every moment?

Just like Neo in the movie “The Matrix”
having to choose between taking the red pill or
the blue pill; Imagine if each choice moved you into
a different consciousness which brought you a vastly
different reality.

How would you choose between the 2? How would you
discern which “reality” you were focused on in any
given moment?

This is not just a story line from a cool science fiction
movie. It is happening on the Earth right now. It is our
planetary reality and much of the rest of the solar system,
galaxy, and Universe are well aware of the uniqueness of
this cosmic moment in time on our beautiful and beloved

TWO realities, TWO paradigms, TWO consciousness’, and in a
sense, TWO Earths, are residing simultaneously but in
different dimensions and frequencies. And we have the chance
to experience it first hand consciously in every second. We are
choosing the red or blue pill, or between these 2 realities,
constantly, with our thoughts, intentions and where we choose
to focus.

What are these 2 realities?

Let’s say the “red pill” is the old paradigm reality
which has been the dominant consciousness on the planet
for hundreds of thousands of years. This consciousness is
based on frequencies and beliefs of fear, scarcity, competition,
unworthiness and greed. We all know it very well and can still
watch it express itself in our movies, on the news, in
government, business, and in the policies of separation and fear
present in all of our outmoded systems and structures of life.

The other “blue pill” we can choose is a new consciousness
that is aligned with the entire Universe and the Divine Order
of Creation. It is a consciousness of Love, Infinite Abundance,
Divine Truth, Compassion for all, and a knowing of our Oneness.
It holds the remembrance of who we really are and why we chose
to come to this planet at this time. It is the Essence of all Life.

So, how do you discern which reality you are presently living in?


If you are feeling and vibrating in love, gratitude, truth,
joy, possibility, and trust, you are in the “new” consciousness.
If you find that you feel all is possible more frequently, and
that you are supported in being yourself on the planet, you
are in the “blue”, Universal Consciousness. If you are finding that you are
often in a “Flow” and things seem to align for you with greater ease, you
are in the New. If you find you are feeling trust in yourself and
trust in the Universe, God to create the life you truly want,
you are operating in the “new.

If you are feeling or speaking from fear, lack, worry, lots
of stress and limitation, you are aligned with the old
consciousness on the planet. This is where still a majority
of the collective lives and vibrates, so it has a very strong
magnetic and familiar pull to it. And perhaps even a comfortable
familiarity in the pain. There is no judgement around where each
of us is “living” in any given moment. This is ultimately about
awareness and choice to create every moment of your life as you
would like it to be. This is the opportunity to truly harness
the new consciousness in a powerful way and become your full,
empowered and magnificent Self.

How do you move into this New Reality?


This seems too simplified but it is actually the key. YOU
are a creator of your life, and as a creator, your choices
determine the direction of your life. In your meditation, prayers,
thoughts, consciously choose to align with the new SOURCE
CONSCIOUSNESS that is permeating the planet. Ask your spirit
family and guides to assist you in living more in this reality.
Find meditations and music, friends and new thought that support
you in this new alignment.


Notice if your thoughts are ones taking you into places
of hope, excitement, empowerment and love, or into feelings of
fear and limitation. Catch your thoughts and ask to shift them
into more positive energies and focus. Notice again. Catch and
shift the limiting thought into a thought that feels expansive,
free, joyful or at least hopeful. Practice shifting thoughts. It
is a training and in time your mind begins to move into a new
groove. Over time you lay new neural pathways that vibrate in self
love, self-trust, possibility, and abundance.


Words are incredibly powerful. The old adage from 12 step
of “fake it till you make it” WORKS. Say what you want to
feel and believe. Even if you are not quite there yet and
even if you can’t fully feel it. Say it anyway. For example,
rather than talk about the money you do not have, say: “I
am opening to the infinite abundance that is flowing towards
me now in ways i cannot even imagine.”. And take a long ,
slow deep breath. Say it again. Say it to your friends and
family. Watch it open up channels of support you never
dreamed possible.


This is a tricky proposition for most people. The mind
has run the show for a LONG time and can put up a bit
of a freak show at first. Practice sitting for 10 minutes
a day and just breathing very slow, taking long deep breaths.
Inhale, “quiet and peace”, exhale out “all thought”. Say this
to yourself. Breathe again. And again. Feel your body slow
down. As your body settles, your mind will often follow with
practice. Put your hand on your heart as you breath. This will
help bring your focus out of your mind and into your Heart.
Imagine that your hand is breathing.


The new consciousness is pure Source consciousness. We
are made of this consciousness and energy. Yet, to align
with it in its purest state it helps to connect directly to
Source at the Center of the Universe. Depending on whatever
word resonates for you, it is connecting directly to God, Divine
Creator or the Intelligence of the Universe that is pure, direct and
in perfect alignment with You. You may find some helpful guided
meditations on my website ( under “enlighten”.


What makes you sing? What inspires you? What makes you
feel most like your real self? Alive? Follow wherever this leads.
Listen to the whisperings of your Soul for in this lay your
purpose and your happiness. This new consciousness aligns
perfectly with who you really are and assists you in
remembering it.


Once you set the intention to align with the new
consciousness, and follow the above steps, you will begin
to notice when you are around someone who lives more from
this reality as well. You will feel a resonance that is uplifting
and possibly even exciting. You may find that you are drawn to certain
activities, articles, music, and even movies that seem to be also
aligning with and bringing in new expression of this Christ
Consciousness. You will begin to recognize it showing itself
all over the planet.

It is an extraordinary time to be alive on Earth
offering a unique opportunity and experience in a physical
form. How often are we alive on a planet that is undergoing
massive transformation and upgrade? This time offers
unprecedented options for huge consciousness expansion
and awakening for all beings.

Somewhere along the way we decided we wanted to be here.
Lets choose the Reality that allows us to thoroughly
enjoy the journey.

With Great Love, Lisa