How do we live in the true nature of Love in relationship?
Does love mean that we sacrifice being our authentic self?
Is it a type of ownership of another’s attention, time and even body?


To experience the true nature of LOVE, it helps to embrace
an understanding of “unconditional” love. This concept
is actually a massive step, for if our love is truly
unconditional, there are no strings, expectations,
or ownership attached to it. It is pure Love for another and the
desire for them to be and experience all that they are.

In an intimate relationship based on this pure essence of Love,
each partner desires the others happiness and fulfillment;
whatever that means and looks like. And the specifics of such a mutual agreement, are of course, unique for each person and every relationship.

This opening into pure Unconditional Love is a process,
as we dis-entangle ourselves from our past limited experiences and
understanding of love. It entails a personal and shared journey
filled with extraordinary rewards, personal growth and entirely new
experiences of life and self.


Living in Unconditional Love means allowing freedom for each
partner to continuously grow, evolve and experience in the way
they are guided. You truly “set each other free”. And with this
detaching, it is often discovered that your partners growth naturally
expands you and the relationship.

This new paradigm of relationship asks for a deepening into trust
that even if one person’s evolution shifts the entire dynamic of the
relationship, it ultimately serves both. For an energy of stagnation
in one, will, in time, be felt and impact the other. While,
the expansion of one, allows a new field of possibility to
be created and shared by both.

In opening to a full Love relationship, you invite in a Soul to Soul
connection, each nurturing and supporting the other’s Soul growth.
The relationship shifts from a limited bond, based on certain conditions and expectations “in the name of love”, to a co-creative support of each other’s birthing of essential self and purpose on the Earth.


There is exquisite artistry involved in creating a living
relationship container that allows each person their own
full, rich experience of life. It takes courage to hold a space for the
one you love deeply, be it a child, friend or spouse/partner, to
step into more of their True Self. As many parents experience,
this allowing may translate into less time and attention on
you, and possibly even letting your beloved go.

For this is truly LOVE. Wanting what is best for the other,
MORE than needing to “have” them for yourself. And
ultimately through this experience of freeing your
loved one, you free yourself to more fully experience
Love in you and for you.


For LOVE is really a state of Being. It is who we are
and the divine fabric from which we are created. As we
learn to Love another fully and release our needs, fears and
expectations around them, we awaken to more of the
LOVE that pulses through us. The magnificent and sacred dance with
another, eventually leads us back home to ourselves. And
ultimately to our own Divine Nature which is…
Pure Love.