For many, the mind has been driving us around in our physical vehicles for a very long time. The mind is very comfortable in this role and does not easily relinquish its place. And yet as more and more of our greater knowing comes in, we realize that the mind is driving us in circles at times.

Or is afraid to actually start the car. Or has a hundred reasons why we should not drive down a road that may be unfamiliar but calling to us.

At some point we slowly ease the mind out of the driver’s seat.
We do this very lovingly and gently explaining along the way why
it will be ever so much more comfortable in the passenger seat.
It will still have a role but just not in our drivers seat.

We begin to realize that putting our Heart in the driver’s seat
makes for a smoother ride.
With Heart driving our vehicle we let more aligned
people and experiences into our “car”. Heart seems to be better at discerning what passengers will enhance us and the ride.

We seem to never be “lost” because somehow
even when we are not exactly where we had planned,
there seems to be some cool reason we are where we are.
Heart knew.

In time we realize that we are enjoying the ride more,
as with Heart, we are not focused as much on a destination, rather relishing the journey.

And the mind relaxes as it realizes that actually it does
not have to figure EVERYTHING out anymore. It can
just be, and fire with its brilliance as needed to support the wonderful navigating of Heart.

And as mind relaxes in its passenger seat
it quiets down. And as it stills,
Heart begins to sing and then
the true adventure begins….