Passionate.  Vital.  Purposeful.  Thriving.

My new heroine, Barbara Marx Hubbard, is a master of
re-framing life into a beautiful and life-giving vision
of what is possible for all humanity on the Earth.
She, at 84, is living her life full throttle, immensely
purposeful, vibrant, and exactly how she desires it to be.

She brilliantly shifts the concept of “aging” into “emerging”.
And in this simple yet powerful re-framing, moves our
perception, and with it life, out of many limiting beliefs
tied to disease and expected deterioration of an aging
body and mind. Rather, she describes a new focus of each
year signifying an emerging into our more conscious
authentic self. And through this, recognizing more of who
we are, our gifts, and stepping into them with greater ease.
As the need for approval and concern with others opinions
drops away, the Self is able to more easily shine.

This perception of how we are becoming MORE of our true
self, rather than focus on what we may be losing through
getting older, is transformative. It builds upon itself
as the excitement and positive thoughts and energy feed
the physical vitality of the body and inspire the mind.

We live across the street from a couple in their early 80’s
who embody this “emerging” paradigm of Barbara’s. They
have created a rich, large community of all ages
that come over often and play and dine with them. The
man still works full time at a job he loves. We watched
the woman go through the loss of their second child and
a hip replacement surgery last year. We did not see her
much for about 6 months and then slowly she emerged,
deciding again to “live” fully and say “yes” to life
as long as she was in her body.

The card games, pool parties and long dinners infused
with lots of laughter started up again. They chose “life”.
Again and again.

And I am reminded how this “emerging” is really for all
ages. And this choosing “life” holds true for all. Every
day we have the opportunity to choose to hear the voice of
our true, authentic self. Often it comes in a whisper, in
a silent pull towards something that may even seem
impractical, or too expensive, or even impossible.

Yet, if we listen to the whispers, they grow louder.
And with trust and asking, the guidance and support
for following the soul’s calling appears. Unexpectedly.
This voice holds our treasure. Our joy. And our

For ultimately we are on the Earth to simply
be and become and express exactly who we really
are. To become who we are more fully, more
joyfully. That is it. So simple, and yet this
“becoming” offers the most exciting, challenging
and daring adventure of them all.

In Love & Spirit, Lisa

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