SPIRIT has no judgement.
The UNIVERSE has no judgement.
The experience and energy of judgment comes
from an old fear based paradigm existing only on this planet.

Most of us grew up with some form of judgement.
Whether it was about aspects of our physicality, our intelligence, our abilities at school or our social skills,
the judgement beliefs take hold and eventually become
embedded into our cellular makeup.

The more self judgement we carry the more
apt we are as adults to wear that same lens towards others.
As we feel judged, we seem to judge others
until we are living in a field of judgement.
It is a matching frequency that is very familiar on the Earth.

Yet outside of the earth plane and anywhere else in the Universe
the frequency of judgement is non-existent.
It is not an energy or frequency that is connected to,
nor aligned with the true nature of LOVE,
or Divine Creator/God.

Our spirit is here to learn, grow, expand
and revel in the experience of ourselves as a
unique and exquisite aspect of Source.
Regardless of ANY action, non-action, or
decision made while in human form,
the truth and purity of our divine essence
remains constant.

I had a wonderful teacher years ago who would
 say to us “just notice” about anything that came
into our mind or experience. Rather than analyze,
which often leads to judgement, i began
to practice detaching and just “noticing”
my feelings, emotions and mental gyrations.
The practice helped me detach from my
judging mind that had a long standing and
successful habit of finding infinite fault with myself,
and then “proof” of that fault.

The more i detached from my mind
and its “judgements” the more i could detect
the fallacy of its observations and conclusions.
And with this subtle shift i invited more Self Love
into my experience. I began to substitute Self Love
for self judgement even when it “appeared”
that i had said or done something that others
found wrong, inadequate, or inappropriate.

Over time I began to look through a completely
new lens of Self Love and self exploration,
viewing my experiences as simply a fascinating journey
that held infinite pieces of greater understanding
of myself, others, and the magnificent divine design
unfolding in me and around me. My experience of life
opened up to more possibility, more beauty, more joy
as i embraced all of me.

I now witness many around me on this same journey
from self judgment to Self Love, and with it, celebrate
how we are ushering in a new consciousness on the planet
one minute and one personal transformation at a time.
A Consciousness and a Reality that Embraces
all Experience and all of Creation
with LOVE and as LOVE.