How can I best serve the earth and humanity at this time?
How can I be and feel purposeful?

I find many asking these questions as we look
around our world and become aware of the
level of breakdown, corruption, and destruction
on all levels, systems and structures of life on this planet.
It has become impossible to ignore at this point.

For most, part of living more consciously
involves letting ourselves see the full TRUTH
of the old matrix and dominant consciousness governing
the Earth and all that is disastrously unfolding because of it.

Shining a Light of Truth on the insanity
is part of the solution, and awareness and
knowledge often catalyze the needed action and change.

Truth against cloudy sky over ocean

The next step, however, is ultimately more pivotal.
For, as Einstein so famously stated, “No problem can
be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Profound change on the earth involves scrapping the old and
coming up with a whole new game plan.

This quantum leap of humanity shifting into a completely new
level of consciousness occurs through each of us embarking
on a very deep and personal journey. This is a profoundly
sacred journey which ultimately leads us to our Divine selves,
and with it, a greater knowing of our intimate connection
to the Universe, Source and all of Life.

As we slow down and allow this inward focus
and experience of our unique essence,
we awaken to see and understand our larger Universal Self.
We come to realize that we are not alone in this massive overhaul
and new Divine Game Plan for Earth.


We remember that we are deeply, intricately and brilliantly
connected to a magnificent Divine Design and
Intelligence aware of and maintaining All Creation.
We realize we are part of a human team at ground zero,
being supported by a very large, involved Cosmic team.

As we shift our dominant energy and focus to
remembering and opening to our own individual
and unique gifts and energies, we catalyze
the awakening to all that we are
and to our authentic expression in the world.
We pay more attention to the way our words, touch,
energies, presence, creations and interactions
positively impact those around us.

And through our very personal and unique unfolding
and awakening….


WE CREATE:                 
new momentum
new awareness
new possibilities
new ways of creating
new frontiers of thought
and with it……..
feed the collective WAVE
of a new and more evolved consciousness.

And the WAVE
organically breaks down the old systems, collective thought and
structures that have become weak and unsustainable.

And while the “new” may seem invisible,
eventually we begin to notice the sprouts and
blossoms of new thought and a new reality
growing under the old decaying structures, and ruins.

Until, eventually we find ourselves living in
the OCEAN of
an infinitely abundant and sustainable world,
where all systems are founded in and created
for the highest good of all. And every single aspect
of Creation is honored, valued and nourished.


*****And for my “In the Light of Love” friends, a wonderful and uplifting video of the greatest “WAVE” song of all and one of my favorites by Deva Premal/Miten  ….”SO MUCH MAGNIFICENCE”.                                            (fast forward through first 40 seconds) & (turn off player at top of blog)…