Universal Meditating Buddha

Just back from a visit with my Buddha Dentist.
I call him this because i usually become more relaxed
as he cleans and checks my teeth. He is compassionate,
caring, calm and competent. Nice combination in a dentist.
His office is 30 minutes away from me now geographically,
but i would travel much further to keep him as a dentist.
He is that good and rare in my experience.

As i sat down, or kind of laid down in the dental chair,
I had a repeat of my experience at my dermatologist a few
months earlier. I suddenly began feeling anxious and nervous.
I arrived at both their offices feeling very comfortable, and
actually happy to be there. Yet, as soon as i sat, and in the
case of my dermatologist, just entered the waiting room,
some kind of fearful state attacked my nervous system.

My years of fine tuning myself to “read” and “discern”
energies and frequencies, comes in handy in these
situations. I can separate my anxiety from others, and
this is definitely others. And a lot of it has all
combined into an unappealing, anxiety soup. In my doctor’s
all white, small, very antiseptic treatment room, the
space holds a mild panic energy. Most people would just
assume they were nervous and not realize they had walked
into a web of anxiety living in the space from countless patients.

I have suggested to my doctor that she try playing relaxing
music to help her patients feel more comfortable. I have
wanted to suggest adding some presence of LIFE, like plants,
flowers and color, which could significantly shift the
energy and soothe patients who are in worry. When I offer
the music idea, she looks at me blankly, not in a judgmental
way, but in a “i don’t know what you are talking about”..
kind of way.


I see it is all too foreign of a concept to her, to focus in on the
emotional well-being of her patients. I understand. She is
obviously overworked and stressed herself, racing from room
to room for 15 minute visits with patients. Where would
she fit in this piece?

As I sit in the small, freezing, white box waiting for her to
come see me, I redesign her room in my head. I fill it
with color, life and relaxing sound. I energetically wash out the
collective anxiety with a cleansing waterfall of Source
light and well-being, like i did in the dental chair.
And i envision the day when health care practitioners
are trained in the arena of energetics.

I imagine a New Reality where we all look forward to
coming to these rooms, clinics and hospitals of the
future, like I do my buddha dentist. A reality where
the training for medicine includes in-depth understanding
of the emotional, mental,  and energetic well-being of the
patient, along with the physical. The creation of a model
that emphasizes the health and well-being of the practitioner
as a priority and integral to their ability to offer the
highest level of clear knowledge, skills and guidance.
A healing paradigm that embraces the awareness of how
EVERYTHING impacts us and our health, and that all is

Aura - energy body - healing energy

At the same time, I am aware that there are many
aspects of a New Paradigm of Medicine being seeded
and manifesting around the world. If you know of any
health specialists expanding the old model in new
and exciting ways, please share. Or if you are one
yourself and have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions,
your voice would be most welcome.

We are creating a platform called “Create A New Earth”,
with a portal for New Medicine to highlight and share
resources where a more integrative model and vision of healing
is manifesting  on the planet. Videos, articles,
book, links are all appreciated, along with suggestions
for guests on our upcoming live interview “Salon”.

In Love & Co-Creation
of our New Earth,