(Bruce Harman   HarmanVisions.com)

Welcome to Planet Earth, and with that, your shiny new human body and human life. You may want to take a deep breath, put on your etheric seat belt and remember that you really wanted to be here. It is a free will universe, so if you are here…you chose it at some level.

You have entered a zone of infinite possibilities of experience from the lowest to the highest, and you are in the drivers seat. 

As we become quickly aware, Earth is one crazy planet to live on at the moment.  In some ways life can feel downright schizophrenic, as if you are caught between multiple and competing worlds and realities. Navigating through the collective chaos and fear, while having a confusing and complex human emotional system, a busy and distracting mind, and a sensitive physical body can  be daunting. Add to that being new to this remote planet, and it is easy to go into overwhelm, hiding out with a big pizza and gallon of ice cream. Or a dozen video games, a bottle of wine, or getting lost on Facebook or Instagram. Pick your escape. There is no shortage of distractions on this particular and unique planet. 


I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years in my private practice of Energy Medicine and Consciousness Work. In the process, I learned that many people strongly feel they are not from Earth and feel no sense of belonging or fitting in on this foreign planet.  This helped me realize that a planet such as this one that is “under construction,” should really come with a navigation manual for newcomers. And from my experience, even for those that are indigenous Earthlings, a refresher of how to create a life of peace, well-being, love and purpose on this planet might be helpful.

I like to imagine a Divine Welcome Handbook, bestowed to you via your parents upon your arrival as a newborn. Perhaps, from there, you are delivered a series of handbooks which begin with child’s nursery rhymes that have truly helpful insight to life on Earth woven into catchy rhyming lines with large  pictures to match. These “rhymes”  may reinforce the higher knowing and truth that babies come in with and maintain until they absorb the limiting collective beliefs of those around them. 

I envision the day and reality when everyone is given tools throughout childhood and young adulthood to experience or reinforce their direct connection to God/Creator/Source and to that omnipresent, unconditional LOVE. 

This EarthGuide offers some of these universal tools and information that may not have been available to us when we were younger. It is for everyone, of all ages whether a visitor or a resident Earthling. 

 This would be followed by a children’s manual, with reminders of why we chose to come into a body at this time on this particular location in the solar system.  Included in it would be reminders of how deeply and intimately we are connected to every star in the night sky and how our spirit family, angels and guides surround us every moment of our life. All of this helping us to remember our Oneness with the Universe.

  Within the EarthGuide are helpful suggestions, exercises, resources,  tools, and meditations for making your stay on Earth smoother and more comprehensible until it may begin to feel rather magical and extraordinary. It is all possible.

From my own awakening process, I have learned that I am a visitor to Earth myself, but have been on the planet a very long time.  So long in fact, that up to the last decade, I would have sworn that i absolutely was from here.  It is only through years of meditating and clearing my limiting human filters to experience glimpses of my infinite self, that I have been able to remember more of who I really am, why I came to Earth and my soul’s origin.


I therefore, offer a unique perspective that may be helpful. As a cosmic visitor to Earth, I bring a different and expansive “lens” on this world, but with great familiarity with the planet and humanity. Because of my extensive history with this Earth, I hold tremendous love and appreciation for Her, and all life existing on Her.  I see all of Earth’s residents as intimately and intricately connected with each other and thus able to profoundly impact each other through our own personal  shifts and expansion. 

Like most of us, I experienced the total forgetting of who I was and why I choose to come to Earth. I took on, (or came in with), boatloads  of self doubt,  confusion, unworthiness, tremendous fear of failure, and a feeling of being very separate from any true intimate connection to God/Creator. These personal challenges spurred on an overriding theme of my life which has been a very deep and committed journey into returning to my knowing of my authentic, free, Divine Self and my oneness with all of Life. It has been a step by step, moment to moment unfolding process that I embrace and know will continue to deepen in me the rest of my human life.


My longing to know my True Self, to live in peace and authenticity,  and to find God catalyzed the finding and letting go of countless mis-aligned layers within myself. These included emotional, mental, energetic and massive cellular re-programming, to find ME.  I was internally and intensely driven, and was not going to stop until I found my unedited, unvarnished, authentic true self. Ultimately, this has led me to a deepening into self trust, love, equanimity, empowerment and an overall sense of self knowing and purpose.

Through years of attuning my multi-perceptual abilities along with learning to quiet my mind and connect myself directly into Source,  I am able to tune into the soul level of beings and their consciousness. With this multi-dimensional access, I have become aware of the many visitors we have on the planet living among us. They look just like us, but are originating from all over the solar system, the galaxy and beyond. We are actually a planet of a massive and diverse extraterrestrial, galactic and universal immigrant population.

Earth is a popular landing spot at the moment because it offers a once in a millennium opportunity filled with unimaginable and unpredictable experiences, challenges, and with that, potential for massive consciousness growth. It is also a place where many Beings are needed to assist and support a planet in serious crisis.

Special skills are needed for the repair and massive upgrade of the planet and human race, which requires souls from more advanced planetary and star systems. There are many “specialists” here at the moment, consultants if you will, bringing masterful expertise to what is “ground zero” in the galaxy.

For the most part, all souls go through the same Earthly experiences of the incarnation process. This entails the forgetting of who they are and their expertise while having to operate within this chaotic earthly reality that can often make little sense. Therefore, even the most advanced soul from a much more evolved home than Earth, still has to awaken to some sense of who he/she is, and figure out how to navigate life here.


This question of ones original home comes up frequently in my work with clients. Often the deepest roots of depression and illness are founded in the confusion with how to find and feel at “home” here.

 Many know from a young age that this place is not where they are from and thus live with a pervasive sense of loneliness, and not fitting in anywhere, even with their family.   Lately I have seen this in a preponderance of youth that I work with as they try to “fit in”. 

Conversely, many others never even consider that there is a possibility of being from elsewhere.  The inquiry itself opens their mind and consciousness to consider the existence of other life in our larger shared Galactic and Universal Home.

 This contemplation of our true origin can lead to great self- expansion in opening to why we are here, and our role/purpose in this life. It can also create a unifying global and galactic embrace of the vastly different beings walking the Earth today.


Everything that creates the dissonance, confusion and pain in us is where we have temporarily forgotten our True Nature. As we remember and plug ourselves into Source and with it, our Original Essence, the fearful thoughts and beliefs start to fall away as that which is not the Truth of us dissolves.

It is a simple concept, but for myself and most people, it is a massive journey. I believe it is the most important journey one can take in this life. For it is from this place of communion with who we really are and our shared planetary, galactic and universal residence and consciousness, that everything else falls into place.  We begin to tap into our Universal infinite potentiality as a human and with it, move our entire experience of Life into a state of harmony. We align with universal forces supporting us to effortlessly and joyfully create our heart’s desires. 


 We are living in a rapidly evolving new reality and consciousness  that supports a VERY quick alignment with Universal TRUTH and LOVE all the way down to our cellular and DNA level.  It is a New Era. That which took me and others years of clearing away of old stuck and dense energetic and emotional patterning, can often be dissolved and transformed in one session. 

 As you trust and allow this process,  and learn how to navigate through  the still chaotic dominant reality here, you organically move into the New Reality. This Reality offers you an experience of much greater flow and ease with life. And with it, less reaction to others or situations. You become sovereign, free, clear, and at peace and in love with yourself and the world. You are better able to be with what is, embracing all the complexity that comes with the present human experience. 

 I have absolute knowing that everyone can have and experience this same well-being no matter what their origin, background or life experience. Each of the tools and keys shared in this GuideBook have been instrumental  in moving me and others into enjoying and embracing ourselves  and life here. They have also been the tools that have awakened me powerfully to who I am and the much larger reality unfolding around me and on the planet. They are relevant for this particular time period on Earth. I share them with great love and the intention that they reach whomever could benefit from them. Perhaps one chapter (or article), will speak to you more than others. Go with where you are drawn. You will be guided to exactly what you need right now. And most importantly, enjoy your visit as much as possible.