Who you really are is a PURE, WHOLE,
living in a beneficent, abundant, and loving
Galaxy and Universe.

In spirit form, you more than likely know this Truth. If you hail from other parts of our stunning galaxy or universe, you have probably lived in this knowing. Yet it is very common upon incarnating in a body on the Earth plane to quickly forget this truth. The trick, as a human, is to learn to permanently delete any thought, feeling or belief that tells you other than this Truth. You have the ability to remove all false programming from your mind, body, consciousness, and with that, from your experience.

These misaligned patterns and beliefs that you hold are not part of your innate divine blueprint, and thus are not actually YOU at all. They may seem like they are your thoughts or beliefs, but they are energetic hitchhikers feeding you thoughts and feelings about yourself, others and life.

The removal of these false thoughts, beliefs and patterns may take time and come off in layers, but can all be dissolved and transformed with intention, patience and self love. When you not only get this, but truly believe it, miracles unfold in and around you. You begin to experience a new Lightness. Ease of Being. Authenticity. Freedom. Love. Your experience of the infinite potential of Life opens up a hundred-fold as you realize and experience yourself stepping out of mental and emotional confines.

I have come to this knowing from my own personal experience of years of reprogramming my own old, stuck emotions and beliefs and from countless sessions with clients and groups. All painful feelings and beliefs rooted in such things as fear, insecurity, inadequacy, guilt, shame, failure, separation, and abandonment can be completely transmuted, and with this, a powerful, empowering new alignment, with who we really are, is immediately created.

This new alignment can take infinite forms. It may strengthen your trust in yourself and the Universe. It may allow you to experience yourself for the first time as a powerful creator of the reality you desire for yourself. Or, this new manifesting ability could constitute a healing of a relationship, the attracting of a new one, healing your body, loving all of yourself, or truly and deeply feeling your connection with God/Source.

Law of Attraction

As part of the Universal laws that govern this planet, we will often draw to us the exact proof of our false beliefs and emotions. This can add to our rollercoaster ride here on Planet Earth, with our deepest fears, insecurities and beliefs reinforced by others and by our experiences. However, once we consciously understand the workings of the Law of Attraction, we can harness it as a helpful tool rather than feeling victimized or confused by it.

Through the Law of Attraction, specific frequencies will attract their matching frequency. Great fear will draw to it more fearful thoughts and experiences. Love attracts others living and vibrating in Love. A spirit of generosity can magnetize experiences to us of open-heartedness and abundance.

So, for example, if I have limiting beliefs that I am not skilled at attracting money, it is likely that I will draw into my life people or situations that will highlight this perceived lack in me. In turn, this may activate my feelings of being inadequate, or of failing to create or maintain money in my life. This may continue until I become so tired of the negative feelings and creations, that I may, through desperation, open to see myself in a new light. Even a slight opening in my awareness, can allow me the spaciousness to detach momentarily from long held beliefs about myself and enable me to question them. From this place I can consider another possibility or perception of myself or reach out for help.

We are in a new chapter now of Earth’s history in which we can personally and globally create an entirely new reality for ourselves and the planet. One pivotal step in this transformation is our individual commitment and conscious awareness of shifting out of our own limiting and fearful thoughts and beliefs.

For most, the limiting beliefs are absorbed and passed on subconsciously through family and cultural programming until they eventually can be even found in our DNA. They take up lodging in our subconscious mind which feeds us a narrative about ourselves, others, and the world. Often unknown to us, this story, rife with false perceptions and beliefs, runs our show, determining our decisions and feelings about our self and the world. Becoming aware of our underlying subconscious narrative is a game changer. With awareness, comes our ability to use our free will and power of intention to create profound shifts in our thoughts, beliefs, and if desired, our entire limited operating framework. We
free ourselves.