The Visitor’s EarthGuide

Essential Keys to Enjoying your Stay

“After working with hundreds of clients over the years in my private practice of energetic and consciousness work, I realized that many people strongly feel they are not from Earth. The human life experience seemed foreign and confusing to them and they did not feel they fit here.

This realization of how strange this planet is experienced, helped me realize that such a planet as this that is chaotic and “under construction,” needs a navigation manual for newcomers. And from my experience, even for those that are indigenous Earthlings, a refresher of how to create a life of peace, well-being, love and purpose on this planet might be helpful.”

(Intro from the “The Visitors EarthGuide”)

The Visitor’s EarthGuide is a creation that has been moving through me for over a year. It is a sharing of my personal learning and experiences along with wisdom gleaned from years of client sessions and group work. It is designed as an entertaining guidebook with the theme of a “visitor’s guidebook” to Earth; A navigation manual of sorts for both newbies and long term residents to the planet.

As the focus on the EarthGuide ebbs and flows for me due to other projects and callings, I have been nudged by friends and spirit family to share parts of it now, rather than wait until it comes together as a published book. As my intention has been that anything helpful in this book reach anyone and in the right timing , I feel moved to share parts of it now in easy, short, digestible articles as well as share my Introduction chapter. You can find links to these articles and the Introduction below this note. 

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Many thanks to my wonderful support, editing, feedback, cheerleading team of: Don Nathe, Behnaz Shahidi, Margie Suozzo, Mary Gospe and Wendy Von Oech. I so deeply appreciate and love each of you beyond all words.


With Great Love, Lisa


Uncovering The Essence of You
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