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Awaken.   Remember.   Align.

“Come Home to You” 

We are magnificent beings who are already whole and powerful. At times it is helpful to have support remembering our true Divine Nature, and aligning with it.

A private session is uniquely tailored to you and what you most need emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically to live in well-being, health and a greater understanding and experience of your True Self. 

Each session is guided by Source and your Higher Self to offer the energies, understanding and alignment that offer you deeper knowing of your much larger Self and Consciousness.

The focus of a session may also be on catalyzing your next opening of Awakening to more of who you really are and your purpose in coming to Earth. Often, through the facilitation and meditation, remembrance of ones gifts can surface.

Sessions may include discussion, clearing old beliefs and frequencies not aligned with your highest good, along with powerful, new alignment with your Divine Blueprint.

Sessions are held in person in Santa Cruz, at the beach, or remotely on phone/skype.

Average length is 1-1.5hour. Fee: $140./hour.

Please email me to schedule or with any questions.


Please pay after session

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