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Lisa Young

Lisa Young is a Visionary and Spiritual Thought Leader focusing on the emergence of a New Reality on our planet. Her private practice as an Energy Medicine Consultant, has allowed her to support individuals in their spiritual evolution and remembrance of their True Self.

From these profound experiences, along with her own spiritual awakening, she shares an understanding of the extraordinary cosmic plan unfolding on the Earth.

The birthing of a New Paradigm and implanting of a higher consciousness on this planet guides her life and work. She has found that understanding and tapping into the new energies is transformative both on a personal and global scale and ultimately how we are co-creating a New Reality on our beloved planet.

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Awakening & Embodying Divinity Experiences

Lisa offers powerful group events that are comprised of discussion, meditation and music.

Each event is beautifully unique and divinely designed with
the energies and focus most needed by the participants at that time.

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Embodied You

Embodied You Sunday - March 11th 2018 Freedom You are invited to a sacred and joyful afternoon releasing limiting self-consciousness and opening to [...]

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Awaken.   Remember.   Enjoy.

“Come Home to You”

We are magnificent beings who are already whole and powerful.
At times it is helpful to have support remembering our true Divine Nature, and aligning with it

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