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Articles for the Soul! The themes of these articles are varied and address areas in life that are Universal to the human experience. The energy and content of the writing is brought in through meditation, my own  experiences of awakening and opening to a multi-dimensional lens to life, as well as downloads from Source and my larger consciousness.

 The intention is that these articles may offer helpful insight and energies in living life with greater ease and joy, and that through the reading you may organically move into the energy encoded into the words (such as the energy of Love or Truth).

” My focus is how we can live consciously and authentically inviting more Love and Joy into our daily lives. “

A recording of every article is available as many people felt they were better able to feel and integrate the energy and information of the article through my voice.

My articles can also be found on WakeupWorld, GalacticFreePress & ProjectHappiness; All powerful platforms for creating a more enlightened society and world.

The Wave

 How can I best serve the earth and humanity at this time? How can I be and feel purposeful? I find many asking these questions as we look around our world and become aware of [...]