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Guided Meditations

The intention of these meditations is to assist and support you in
Awakening to the Beauty and Magnificence of Life and your Essential Self.
From this place of deeper knowing of oneself, new realities with
infinite potentiality are created personally and globally.

Guided Meditation Series

Powerful,  short meditations that  can fit easily into your busy life.!
These meditations may also be helpful for those times during the day when you need help re-centering and returning to your True Self.

Here is a series of short (12 minutes or less), guided meditations to assist you in relaxing, quieting your mind and moving into a greater sense of peace and alignment. Along with this, are powerful exercises from a meditative, connected space to assist your Awakening.

“Fully Embodying Yourself”

Support in anchoring more of your energy and consciousness into your human, physical form. Access more of yourself, improve focus and clarity, and experience an empowered state of being through fully inhabiting yourself.

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“Becoming Your True Self”

Very powerful meditation guiding you from total mind quiet, stillness and alignment into blending with your Original Essence/Self from Source. Through full merging with the original creation of your being, your pure Essence becomes more beautifully and organically enlivened in You.

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“Experiencing Yourself As the Universe”

Remember and awaken to your much larger Self and consciousness intimately connected and one with the Planet, Galaxy and Universe.

Allow this to unfold in your way and timing. Perhaps at first you practice feeling and experiencing yourself expanding to fill your room…and then your house, and then your neighborhood.

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“Experiencing Your Relationship With the Earth”

Open to your personal relationship with the planet and how your energies and presence on the Earth interact and assist the Earth globally or in certain geographic locations.

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“Returning to Your Pure Essence Through the Heart Vortex”

Learn and practice a very simple yet profoundly effective technique for working with the zero point (energetic vortex) of the Heart to dissolve human mis-aligned filters and projections. In the process, experience more of your Divine Essence.

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“Relaxing and Quieting Evening Meditation”

Settle into this deeply peaceful meditation to quiet the mind and body and create a divine space and template for your night’s sleep.

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“Violet Source Light Morning Meditation”

Allow the energies and beautiful beam of violet light from Source to align you for the day . Begin your day relaxed, clear, and at peace.

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“Activating Your Divine Blueprint of Awakening”

Powerful discussion and meditation supporting you in moving into

and activating your next layer of unfolding in your awakening journey.

“Living in Abundance Consciousness”

Short discussion and guided meditation on shifting from scarcity consciousness in any aspect of our life and experience to an abundance consciousness.

“Connecting with the Heart of the Divine Creator”

Guided meditation for support in quieting the mind, learning how to clear your entire sacred space along with heart opening and healing through Connecting with the Heart of the Divine Creator

“Powerful Self Healing & Communion with Your Higher Self at Source”

Guided meditation for physical self- healing through activation of Source frequencies in the body.
New clarity and agreement with Higher Self on timing and purpose of being in the body.